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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  August 12, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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so they'll come together after the meeting? >> it's going to be exciting between now and november. the fireworks aren't over for sure. maria: jack, morgan, lahr-- harlan. i'll see you on the fox news channel. stuart, over to you. stuart: stocks at the best level. century. hillary's economic plan buried, nowhere to be seen and we hope you stayed up late to watch the olympics, americans struck gold. phelps, biles, absolutely amazing. good friday morning, everybody. look at this-- . [laughter] i'm excited. ashley: you are. stuart: that's the new all-time high for the dow industrials, despite -- [applause] >> thank you very much, applause for that. despite the troubles in the whole world your 401(k) looking good. looks like wall street is the place to put your money and not
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going anywhere, pretty flat. and hillary clinton's big plan for the economy. big fanfare, buried this morning. the media utterly ignoring it? why? the left may be embarrassed by their socialist candidate? there are give aways, galore, spend big on everything, and this morning, the media again is just bashing trump. the clinton plan, awol. it's friday morning, however, let's join the celebration of american excellence. phelps at 31, runs away with the 200 individual meter medley. simone biles, poised and brilliant, crowned the world's best. nbc should give them a special medal for salvaging, the salvage job they've done on their ratings. have you ever seen anything like this? american olympic gold, a totally skewed media and the stock market goes to the loon. "varney & company" about to begin. ♪ the stock market goes to the
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moon. ♪ have you looked at your 401(k) lately? >> you are giddy, mr. varney. stuart: yes, i am. american gold, the stock market, fantastic stuff. >> yeehaw. >> the dow, the nasdaq, s&p closed at an all-time first for the first time since december 1st, 1999. we're looking at the fairly flat market in 20 minutes' time. oil a reaching 43.69. big-name stocks at record highs, most of them poised to go higher today, some of them. amazon is at 770. google has hit, i think, very close to all-time highs, around 808 today. facebook around about 124, 125 today. and microsoft around about 57, $58 a share.
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they have been powering this overall market. look who is here. jeff sika, no bearishness this friday morning. is it a-- is the market up at these levels because america is the only game in town? >> yeah, and i think the market is up as it shows how desperate people are to not miss the next inch that this market has. so, everybody piling in at the top of this market, everyone's afraid of missing out. everyone's jumping in, and everyone is going to some day regret the decision to chase this market. stuart: i knew you were going to say this. i'm getting all giddy here and you're calming me down and you're quite right to do that. because would you advise the everyday investor to put more money into the stock market right now? >> probably not? >> no, if you look at the reality, we're in the sixth quarter of falling earnings. we're getting earnings warnings. we have the lowest percentage
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of stock ownership, of stock purchases by insiders since 19 1988. that means the people who know these companies well are not buying their own stock and if investors don't get concerned about that, they're going to pick-- they're going to pay a price at some point. stuart: you've calmed me down, none of this giddy stuff any longer and you'll stay with us for the opening bell at 9:30, are you not. >> yes, i am. stuart: we welcome you, thanks. let's get to politics. mainstream media, where, oh, where, is the coverage of hillary clinton's economic plan? it was revealed yesterday. this morning, nowhere to be found. instead, the media just hammering trump on his obama-founded isis comments. look at the headlines first from "the washington post." when trump calls obama the founder of isis he sounds like a middle east conspiracy theorists. trump's obama founded isis
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comments, why he's on the brink of doom. that tax plan is same old-same old, of tax and spend. i suspect they're embarrassed by it. >> it's socialism on steroids. she's still appealing to that bernie sanders and maybe everyone can move into their own beach house at the end of it. and so, this is-- this is just look, whether it was isis comments, his points about really, anything else. he could wake up and say good morning, hello and that would be more at the top of the news. so this is what the plan is and this is what they need to hide her. this is hiding the ball. the more attention she gets, the worse she does and this is our problem, of course, with legacy media and the nature of coverage and it's also what mr. trump has to try to overcome in talking about her specifically, so, when they cover him, they are by default covering her. stuart: can i just do a quick aside. you and i had a conversation about bernie sanders's $600,000 beach house.
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that went out on social media. how many views did it get? >> we're over a million views of that conversation. and just, while we just really acknowledged the truth of the matter, that he's really abandoned his followers. what he promised them and presented to them was false. he took the donations of college students, people with not a lot of money promising free things and he now has a private beach all to himself. there's no sharing from bernie sanders. stuart: he didn't spend his campaign money to buy the beach house, we should not imply that. >> well, no, no, this is about the nature of what you think someone's values are. we really don't know how he's paying for it. this is his third home. so, i guess for bernie sanders, socialism is really like capitalism or something. stuart: a third home. ashley: and it's all his. no one else can enjoy it. >> i've got three rooms, i don't have three homes. stuart: let's move on, shall we, to the latest polls and some bad news for donald trump with one particular group of voters, latinos.
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the fox poll shows this. in a three-person race, hillary way ahead. libertarian candidate gary johnson in a virtual tie with donald trump. now, look at this one. the number of hispanic voters who view trump unfavorably has risen 8 points since may. it's gone from 74% to a wrapping 82%, unfavorable rating with latinos. joining us now, tanner, the trump senior advisor. how is he going to turn-- this is a very important voting group in some key battle ground states. how is donald trump going to turn this around? >> well, good morning, stuart. how are you today? >> i'm fine. stuart: how is he going to turn around the latino vote? >> he is doing that being on the campaign trail. every single day he's out there, he's speaking to the latino people, which actually hillary clinton, she made the hispanic vote seem like the compassionate vote, the compassionate group. mr. trump views everyone the
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same, but what he's going to do is talk about, he is all for legal immigration. and people that lo of what mr. trump is saying, how he wants to keep america safe again, those latino voters are 100% behind him. for the others ones he's going to be educating them and let him know, this is not a segregation and a separation and a race thing. this is about i want to create more jobs for people who come to the country legally. stuart: will you accept that he's got a problem with hispanic voters. >> the polls, the polls speak for themselves. i know some of the polls are skewed. yes, i would say we are working on that and mr. trump knows that's an area we're focusing on. stuart: okay, now, he also has a problem with women voters and the second list of his economic advisors released almost all women, nine women added to his economic team. why so late, is this his way of trying to regroup with the
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women's vote? >> well, no. i mean, yes, we know we want the women vote. mr. trump has been very, very much an advocate for women in his organization. in the trump camp, in the trump organization, there are numerous more women executives than there are men. this is not a new theory that mr. trump has. he does respect talent. he does not see gender as a qualification for a job. however, there are more females in his organization that are hired, paid in the upper management roles. so mr. trump does value and women that are smart and are going to do the job and he wants women in there. i'm proud to be a woman working for him. stuart: i want to get a letter written by 70 leading republicans and their staffers going to reince priebus saying don't give anymore money on trump concentrate on the senate and house races, cut him off, he's going to lose. how do you turn that around.
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>> i'll take that bet. absolutely not. we've got a lot of people, stuart, they're very disappointed that their person didn't get in. we've talked about this since day one, since mr. trump became the nominee. it's like a divorce that you didn't want. there's a lot of people that are emotionally attached to their candidate and people are afraid of mr. trump, i don't care if you're a democrat, an independent or republican, because he will shake up this country and get things back and get the job done and protect americans. a lot of people are frightened by the changes here. stuart: tanner, look, thanks for taking time out. a busy day for you. we appreciate it. >> thank you, appreciate you having me. stuart: sure thing. a quick word. >> a quick aside. the numbers when you add the libertarians and mr. trump, it's over 36% which means that hillary's pandering to the hispanic population with identity politics, when you have four out of ten voters to
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reject her. en it's up to mr. trump to coalesce. that's the story. ashley: that's interesting. stuart: let's get to the positives, shall we? simone biles wins gold in the overall contest. biles became the fourth consecutive woman to capture the all-around gold. >> magnificent. i get chills. stuart: that was, that is ratings gold in my household. ashley: it is and she was going in the favorite. that puts that extra pressure on you, on the world's greatest stage she came through. simone biles and michael phelps unbelievable stories and the u.s. team in general has been raking in medals. >> and remember, they're going into olympic villages really not finished. the worry about zika and problems in that olympics. it's like the garage band olympics and she and our team have focus, but that young woman, this is real championship keeping her eye on the prize, so proud. >> they do?
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>> look at that woman. stuart: fantastic. love it. >> yeah. stuart: all right, everybody, american technology moving the markets, look at this. amazon up 14% this calendar year. facebook is up 9%. kool 3%. microsoft 5%, these are the stocks to watch and more record highs could be coming today and make that a half dozen, which are really powering this market to record highs. how about this one. volkswagen more trouble. 100 million cars could be vulnerable to a hacking attack. we'll explain. donald trump doubling down on his comments about obama and clinton founding and co-founding isis. the media jumping you will an over him for it. however, does he have a point? more on this after the break. >> he founded isis, and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton.
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>> nordstroms is going to go up this morning. they reported higher profits and that's a gain of 5, 6 of, 7%. j.c. penney, while they lost money, but gave an upbeat forecast. that's good enough for a small rise and that stock at the opening bell. all right, the state department, the clinton foundation, another allegation of conflict of interest, chief of staff while hillary was secretary of state. this is very weedy. i want you to simplify the allegation. 'cause it goes over everybody's head. can you give me 30 seconds on what the problem is here? >> well, the problem is that cheryl mills, while chief of staff of the state department, was still working for the clinton foundation, in a number of capacities, which come to light recently. she was interviewing the senior officials for jobs at the clinton foundation and also, that the clinton foundation was trying to place people in
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schedule c, which are sort of mid level appointee positions at the state department. none of those is exactly a smoking gun with ethics, but fit the pattern with cheryl mills pushing the envelope of what's acceptable. earlier in her tenure chief of staff at the state department. she was working for a program at nyu, sponsored by a persian gulf state. >> it's over everybody's head. she went to new york city, paid for the trip herself. who cares? spell it out, why is this a big deal? >> yeah, this is very typical of the clintons, the very specific act itself is not illegal per se, but it fits a pattern of the clinton foundation not being a charity that it's a larger political organization for hillary and bubba and that is the place where they host-- >> it's a slush fund, isn't it? it's a slush fund?
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foreign governments give them hundreds of millions of dollars and get favors from the state department in return. okay, i don't know whether it's illegal or not, but it stinks. when are we going to say it and when is the media going to report it? >> i don't think they will and there was a lot of discussion on a lot of networks and no one is willing-- if you did this on a small scale, you would be in a lot of trouble. if you sold influence to a foreign government and carried through and delivered a favor to a foreign government one time, but if you do it on a huge scale you get away with it and that's sort of the stories of the clinton since she showed up on the scene in 1992. stuart: the media is all over donald trump because he said that obama and hillary clinton are the founders and co-founders of isis. frankly, i think he may have a point, he may have expressed it in rather unfortunate terms, very directly. i think the man's got a point. what say you? >> yeah, i think so. now, he was tweeting this morning, poking fun at cnn because they took this very seriously.
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they thought, you know, he was implying that literally obama and hillary were out there dressed in garb and directing isis. of course, he meant tongue in cheek. in fact, what they did was focus only on, okay, remember they said that the threat was only al qaeda, know the broader jihadist, islamists, islamist political groups like muslim brotherhood. they got into bed with the muslim brotherhood. they said it was al qaeda and when they through away our gains in iraq, they created the space for isis to exist. yes, i think he's right and of course, he meant it in more than a nonliteral sense and of course, the media can't take a joke. ashley: good point. stuart: sometimes i think i'm in the twilight zone. christian, we'll see you soon. look at the futures market, this is an important day, fairly flat at the opening bell. remember, please, we closed yesterday at record highs across the board and that market opens up again ten minutes from now. listen to this, anti-semitism
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rears its very ugly head in rio. the israeli olympic team being taunted and abused by athletes from muslim countries. you won't believe this. details next. (announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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we're going to be fairly flat, minor league losses for the dow, the s&p and the nasdaq. remember, it's the big name technology companies which have powered this market to record highs. amazon will open around 770 a share. facebook will open almost at $125 a share. google/alphabet. and microsoft i have a little of it, 58 a share on microsoft. the story, open hostility towards israeli athletes from muslim nations in rio. a saudi judo olympian forefits to avoid iteming an israeli. they refuse to share a bus and block them from the bus. >> not only did they block the israeli athletes from getting
9:25 am
on the bus, the olympics didn't want a scandal so they forced the jews to get on a different bus. >> for the opening ceremonies. >> for the apartheid nation, we banned them from the sporting events and we have the olympic committee itself facilitating that. we should apply the same dynamic that caused the crushing of apartheid to south africa to the jew hatred that comes from the muslim countries in the middle east and elsewhere. i think this is what the athletes should be expelled. the team should be expelled if they in fact-- this is especially lebanon. ashley: the muslim nations on the international stage refuse because it essentially recognizes the state of israel. stuart: world cup soccer. ashley: exactly right. stuart: we'll have that later on in the show. the dow hit a new record closing high, 18,613 the new
9:26 am
all time high and we're watching that this morning. here is where we're going to open, fairly flat, however, retail stocks, some are rallying, there's no stopping american technology. we're looking for a record day for your money in tech. the opening bell is what, four minutes away. that's it.
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>> i'm looking forward to the opening bell, ten seconds to wait because we hit all-time highs and i want to see in the early going today. i've got three seconds to wait, two, one, here we go, 9:30, everybody, it's friday morning, we're off and running and we're down 17 points at the latest count after all of five seconds. 16 points, maybe a comeback, who knows? 19 points, half-- no two-thirds of the stocks are down and a few are up in the greenment and we're down 20 points just as futures predicted in the early going. and we're down .1%. how about the s&p 500, all-time high yesterday. >> oil, you're getting to it, but already off to the races again, up nearly 1%. 44.59. i'll get to it in a second and the nasdaq and s&p retreating a fraction from the all-time high and the same story from the nasdaq retreating a fraction.
9:31 am
the price of gold. where are we, 1350. 1358, we're going up. now, ashley, your moment of glory. price of oil. ashley: i'm very excited. stuart: it's up well above 43. ashley: yeah, 43. stuart: that would normally help stocks, but the dow is down 30. ashley: the webster ratio under pressure. stuart: the webster ratio doesn't come up today. and nordstrom up 6%. j.c. penney, that up 2%. where is apple? coming out with the iphone 7's, very, very soon, 107 on apple this morning. amazon, where are we now? don't start laughing. >> this is hilarious on the retail front, i'll tell you why. stuart: this is a horse race i've got going here. amazon at 769. show me facebook, please, where are we? 124. where is google, i'll have to learn the alphabet. 806 a share and microsoft up,
9:32 am
please don't tell me-- down, it's at 58 a share, i can handle it. i can handle it, okay? so the big techs are down just a fraction, let me emphasize that. ashley webster is here. tammy bruce remains with us. scott shellady in scott, jeff sika and john, do you first, is the stock market at this all-time highs because america is the only game in town? what says john lonski? >> that's about it, it's the only game in town plus you have very, very low interest rates and companies buying back equity like crazy. on the retail front. we've got a dog of report for july retail sales. this year, prices of retailers move higher. >> okay. how about you, scott shellady. the markets, stocks, that is, all-time high. we use your story because it's not going to last, right? >> well, i tell you, it seems like the world has lost its mind and they're trying to take mine with it, you in?
9:33 am
and told me once, you can only stuff so much meat in a sausage, we're getting to the point where we can't put any more meat in the sausage. it's the only game in town, but we're buying stocks for the wrong reasons. we have to pay the piper if i knew when i'd do it myself. stuart: scott, i think you wake up dreaming what you can say or a one-looner on varney. stuffing the sausage, and you're all right. jeff, i don't think you would put fresh money into the stock market right now, would you? >> no, because what everybody is saying is absolutely true. there is no fundamental reason for the market to be here. what we had talked about, corporate insiders, directors, have pulled back buying their own individual stock, to the lowest level since 1988. that means the ones in those companies, the people in those companies kicking the tires,
9:34 am
feel that there's a problem. and if they feel there's a problem, all of these people that are piling into the top of the market, that are chasing a parked car, need to reassess where they're at and scale back some of theirs. stuart: all of these one-liners. testimony a -- tammy bruce, you're not an analyst, what is your thoughts on an all-time high. >> americans are looking for a way to secure the future because it's so unknown because of what politics presents us all the time. so, it's about-- you're not getting really a lot of savings bump because of interest rates. and look, we like to invest in america. it's patriotism that you want to put your money into things that we recognize as all american. it's a good thing to do. it's supporting elements that you support, whether it's apple or retail element. stuart: you can't beat the amazons of this world, the googles, but would you put hem
9:35 am
-- put into them at an all-time high. >> that's why people look at this program, culturally and in all seriousness, i've learned so much. eventually you'll ask me a market question and i'll-- >> we like self-promotion. >> it's for patriotism and the education we get in how this is working. stuart: tamley, you can stay. >> thank you. stuart: some individual stocks which are moving, i give you nordstrom and j.c. penney. nordstrom made money and j.c. penney lost some. they did give a sharper outlook. john lonski, a chance to talk about the retailers. we've got retailer sales figures that are were dead flat. ashley: disappointing. >> it was a scorching hot july, and i thought people would buy on seasonal items, but it didn't happen. the major retailers, they're showing year over year declines by sales, but the good news is, the declines by sales weren't
9:36 am
as deep as had been feared. ashley: i think that wendy's ceo got to right, people are afraid to spend, they're not eating hamburgers, but eating at home. i don't know if that makes sense, trying to be funny about it. oh, look. consumers sentiment-- >> another retailer going up. you wouldn't touch the stocks with a 10-foot pole? >> no, everything people are saying is true. you have the consumer comfort numbers come out and consumer comfort keeps declining. here is the flaw in the economic report. the flaw is that people are not saving money. you have a very large percentage of people who have virtually no savings and when people aren't saving, they're not spending. stuart: so collectively we think that the market doesn't go much higher and don't put your money in now. is that the collective agreement? >> and gold and silver will be the recipient for people who are nervous. stuart: oh, financial analyst tammy bruce. >> watch that. stuart: check that big board,
9:37 am
now we're down 40 points. 18,572. nvidia gives a strong outlook. they make microsoft chips used in video games. nice outlook and nice rise, 5%. it's been a long week for delta airlines. the company says, okay, everything is fine now. flight operations return to normal and the stock is holding at 36. it lost 3% of value compared to last friday before the big outage, the global outage occurred. dillard's, another retailer, profits down on lower sales and it's disappointing, down 3%. look at mcdonald's, there's pressure on an outside group, they're looking for a global ban on animals and antibiotics. 119 on mickey d's. how about apple? this is what we believe to be the new features in the iphone
9:38 am
seven coming in the first week of next month. reportedly september 7th. nicole, it's at 108 now. please give me a list of what he is new on the iphone 7. >> the iphone 7, according to reports, let's take a look here, stock is up 1/3 of 1%. thinner, faster, an in you camera. how about goodbye head phone jack, you better go wireless or a speaker you use for a bluetooth. no head phone jack. it appears there is no home button. maybe put your thumb there and it activates. five and a half inches and as you said, september 7th, the anticipation is that we'll hear about it on the 7th and then the pre-orders happen on the 9th of september and then full board sales on the 16th. stuart: okay, nicole, thank you very much indeed. how many is the-- >> no head phone jack, that's
9:39 am
going to upset people. no more-- >> they don't have the hole in the top or bottom. >> that means you'll have to go wireless. >> when you've got it you've got the option. where are you going to stick it if you have to go wireless. >> if you've got this now, you have the option to go wireless or use this, the jack. if there's no jack, suddenly you'll have to buy other products that are wireless. stuart: i'm not sure i can handle all the change. ashley: i can see. >> it doesn't have to change-- >> i have the phone that i have. stuart: stop laughing. [laughter] . we follow these stocks a lot because that's where the money is going. these are the stocks that power the market to record highs. amazon, facebook, alphabet/google, microsoft, all down not by much, but they're all down today. i've gone around the block again, they're too expensive for you to buy at these levels, aren't they, jeff sica? >> if you look at the
9:40 am
appreciation that we've had based on recent meetings of the fed saying they keep interest rates up, these stocks always move up the most when the fed is the most dovish and i think they're very dangerous. stuart: i want to go back to scott shellady, has he got a one-liner prepared for amazon, facebook, microsoft, apple, and any of the others? scott? >> when we have the day of reckoning,stuart, whether it's six months from now and why you asked mom and pop, why they put the money in. that's not an excuse, that's not a reason. be careful, you'll get them at cheaper prices. >> can i say, there are some brown bears wandering around the field that want their tie back. bear bears. stuart: went over my head. turbulence on a jetblue flight. this is serious stuff. 24 people went to the hospital.
9:41 am
we talk about airline headaches every day and this was serious. they dropped 100 feet in about a second, and you're not wearing a seat belt, those folks hit the roof, that's what happened. do you like flying these days? >> no, i don't, i hate it. i don't mind the act of air and flying, getting to that point. stuart: well said. tammy. >> jetblue is my favorite airline. the story, how the crew reacted and how everybody was helping and saved everybody else. blue stars for everybody. stuart: shellady, there's no point in asking you, you don't fly commercial any longer, do you? >> yeah, okay, that was kind of funny. [laughter] number one, i'm so tight in those seats, seat belts or not i'm not flying out of it no matter how many feet we drop in a second. stuart: terrible. >> number two, i think it was wednesday that we talked about these airline stocks and why they really have a hard time. you know what? the bottom line, it's just a bad experience. i mean, how can it get long on a bad experience. that's the bottom line, never been good. stuart: lonski, bad experience?
9:42 am
don't buy the stock? >> this is what you get from deregulation. remember the days when i was young, i had a full head of hair and a wider seat and, and now the seats-- >> and paid an arm and a leg. jeff, mr. lonski, scott shellady, the one-liner king. thanks, and you, tammy. nbc's ratings for the olympics compared to other olympic games. not making the cuts. nbc has been forced to make good with appetizers, we'll explain that. and documents, and the clinton foundation. why one person thinks that another e-mail leak could sink clinton's campaign. ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine.
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>> nbc says it's going to give appetizers free air time to make up for-- it's going to give advertisers free air time to make up for the ratings. ashley: prime time down 27% when compared to the london games four years ago and the opening ceremony down 35% compared with four years ago. they promised advertising a 18 rating, which would be let me see 18.2 million is what it works out to. they actually guaranteed 21 million. they got 18 million. so they're 3 million short on their guarantees to the advertisers: i'm shocked. ashley: they're offering free commercials continuing now throughout the games to make up for the lack of ratings. stuart: i'm surprised, with the performance of american athletes like that, shocked. ashley: and the gymnastics folks, without that it would be worse. stuart: the dnc getting very, very nervous according to real
9:47 am
clear politics, they're very worried about another document dump. watch this. >> any democrat who doesn't believe there is a possibility of a big document dump of e-mails indicating that this kind of access was provided and i'm not even talking about, maybe favors on policy descriptions were not provided, but any kind of pattern of access and pattern of just answering people's questions who were donors, really could end her candidacy. if they don't think that could happen, the democrats have their head in the sand. stuart: i'll repeat that, end her candidacy. this is rich lawrie from the national review. what's so serious about that, i understand pay to play and conflict of interest. >> it's the mingling of private interest with public business and the tranche of e-mails in any other campaign environment would be the dominant political
9:48 am
story and they're very suggestive that this does brand a representative of the clinton donors, basically, having access to hillary clinton's top aides and her aides being extremely responsive to what he wantedment now, we didn't see any direct action, but they seem very interested in helping. stuart: there's a lot more e-mails to come. >> and this is why hillary, this is true all along, she's a hostage to fortune. what's in the deleted e-mails and who has them. stuart: so the story is foreign governments or major individuals, very wealthy individuals, give money to the clinton foundation. the foundation then contacts the state department and has something done to help the donors to the foundation. it's a round robin, a conflict of interest. >> yes, absolutely. and this is why the explanation that donors are given the clinton foundation because they cared about water purification or mosquito nets around the world. you can give to the red cross. you can give all sorts-- give to all sorts of other charities that don't happen to
9:49 am
have a former president as the head of it and a potential president involved in it as well. stuart: is it big enough to end her candidacy as amy stoddard suggested? >> it would need to be a major bombshell, but it could damage her. stuart: 70 republicans and staff members sent to letter to reince priebus saying don't give more money to donald trump, concentrate on the local elections? are they trying to get hillary elected? >> they're trying to save the republican senate majority and if trump looks like this, as he does at this moment a month from now, reince may do this. in 1996, republicans pulled it off. bob dole was sinking and there was no hope and they minimized their congressional losses by cutting him loose. so, this is definitely a threat to happen. it's premature now. stuart: it's a terrible threat to donald trump now, that's, are you on board with this, rich lowery? you are.
9:50 am
>> talk to me in a month. stuart: did you write that letter? >> i'm not on that letter, stu. [laughter] >> thank you. >> checking. stuart: and green and bear it, rich okay? thank you very much. look at the dow jones industrials, specifically the 30 stocks of the dow, most of them are in the red and then we've got a small decline, down 26 points from yesterday's all-time record-breaking high. hillary clinton, economic plan, debt-free college. the millennials will surely go for that one, won't they? surely. more varney after this. you do all this research on a perfect car,
9:51 am
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> >> hillary clinton's pitch to millennial voters. free college to those making 125,000 a year, in-state colleges and universities. kat is with us. she looks like a millennial to me. i'm not going to directly ask. >> sure am. stuart: that's an extraordinary pitch to millennials, which is a vote getter. >> of course it is, they'll say i want free college. of course, it's wishful thinking and it's not that simple when we're talking hundreds of billion of dollars. but the democrats are successful in saying that's not true, other countries this and that, republicans don't want you to have it because you're mean.
9:55 am
no, germany, 2013, 2.7 billion students, u.s. that same year 20 million-- or 20 million students. that's a little bit of a difference. even more if it's free. how are we going to pay for that. stuart: how about those, they're making $125,000 for a household in a major city, they're not rich. >> for someone living in new york city, or someone in the midwest, different everywhere. making that amount of money here, you're definitely not rich. stuart: definitely not. >> you're definitely not. stuart: what about the idea that along comes, as we get closer to the election, a pitch from hillary clinton for student loan forgiveness. surely that is likely on the card deal, isn't it? i don't know for sure, but it sounds like an attractive offer if she made it.
9:56 am
>> here is what you can do, say, hey, i'm going to give you this. people vote for you. and if it doesn't work out, you can say the republicans stopped it. and she's not going to have to do anything guaranteed if you look the a the actual numbers it will be difficult for something like this to work without hurting another area of the economy. stuart: how much will something like this cost? i don't know and i don't think she does. kat. thank you very much indeed. >> so good to be back. stuart: really? >> yes. stuart: thanks. how about this one, the nfl denying the dallas cowboys request to put a police decal on their helmets, this is the dallas cowboys. ashley: arm in arm, they have that decal on their helmet for the practice season, but they wanted to have it on permanently throughout the nfl season and they made the application and the nfl said, sorry, can't do it because they say, there are strict rules on uniforms, and because of that,
9:57 am
they have to deny it. there's the local police foundation in dallas, five officers were killed there, they were ambushed. the foundation said they're very disappointed and said this is outrageous. stuart: was it the nba or was it the nfl where a team had some kind of uniform deal about black lives matter, i think, and they did it. ashley: i think it was nba. stuart: was it the rams? the l.a. rams. ashley: the nfl. stuart: yes, with their arms raised up like this. ashley: yes. stuart: all right. we're out of time. check our big board though, we've always got time for at that, we're down 20 points. that's it. only a slight retreat from yesterday's all-time record. it's been a big week in politics, trump and hillary on the economy. the wildly biased media, it's beat up trump week and we're what 87 days to the election. hour two of "varney & company"
9:58 am
coming up. . .
9:59 am
. .
10:00 am
stuart: good friday morning, everyone and welcome to the show. oh, what a week. monday trump reveals his growth plan. the media ignores it. tuesday, and into wednesday the media beats up trump for his comments on the second amendment. growth plan? what growth plan. thursday, hillary clinton reveals her economic plan. the media goes back to trump's plan, yes, bashes it. today, friday, the media bashes trump for suggesting the president is the founder of isis. tax-and-spend plan of hillary totally ignored. is the media embarrassed by the same ol' same ol' policy? is there pattern emerging. most biased media in the history of the presidential elections not good for the country. the obama-clinton economy is floundering but all about terrible donald trump.
10:01 am
thank heavens for our olympians to make husband positive. phelps and biles. all-time highs should surely raise a smile. the second hour of "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ stuart: you can not call this. of a retreat from the all-time highs we hit yesterday, down 26 points. still close to 18, six. s&p down a fraction from the record high yesterday. same with the nasdaq, down a fraction from the high that it reached yesterday. look at the big techs, first off, amazon, where is it? $770 a share, just a fraction down from its all-time high. more big tech names driving this market, facebook, apple, microsoft, google, they're all down but tiny fraction away from
10:02 am
their all-time highs. nordstrom, 7% up. made more money. jcpenney lost money. suffering a little down only three cents at 9.91. more on the markets momentarily. first, donald trump trying to pivot his campaign back to the economy. watch this. >> so here's a chart, most of you can see. you don't need very good eyesight to see what is going on. here is obama, and here's the end. [laughter] [applause] he is not finished yet. we're going to create jobs. we're lowering taxes, business taxes, businesses instead of leaving the country and going to mexico and every other place you can imagine, they will stay in the united states. stuart: "new york post" columnist, charles heard. >> good too see you, charles.
10:03 am
stuart: donald trump is trying very hard to stay on message. tried to drag him into discussion of hillary clinton's health problems. he wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. he is staying on message. is it too late? >> i don't think it's too late but, he can't do it soon enough. he needs to, obviously as you just pointed out he is getting no help from the media whatsoever. that speech he gave yesterday as we talked about yesterday, that was one of the finest speeches i ever heard him give. it was on message. what i loved about it, how optimistic it was. he was talking about growth. talking about how much he loved builders. that is the scene he needs to get into and stay into. stuart: look, i'm looking at media this morning. when i woke up i was expecting, where is the discussion of or critique of hillary clinton's plan, the economic plan that came out yesterday? instead, i have got "the new york times" front page, clinton rejects trump policies as aiding the rich. that is a critique of trump's
10:04 am
policy, not hillary clinton's. and on the front of business daily, don't know if you can see it well, zero dollars, how much does donald trump pay in taxes. it could be zero. in other words, hillary clinton's plan is totally buried. are they embarrassed by it, do you think? >> i don't even know if they're reading that far into it. what we have seen this cycle, i mean, i have never seen anything like this, a media pile on on one person, legitimate candidate for a legitimate party, who is running for the presidency. and the media is 100% in the hillary clinton's corner and they will do anything -- like the take the thing about the trump talking about how president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. okay, it is not the precise word but people use metaphors all the time. you can make a very good argument they did create the atmosphere which isis was founded. for the media to spend as much
10:05 am
time as they have spent beatings him up about that, instead of focusing on all the real scandals going on with hillary clinton. then this good stuff from trump like with that speech. it's staggering. stuart: can you just inform our viewers as to why the clinton foundation state department pay for play story is so big? just earlier we ran a sound bite by a.b. stoddard on "special report" last night, a show you appear on, she said this issue could end hillary clinton's campaign. can you explain to the viewers why it is such a big deal? >> you have a situation where the secretary of state, former first lady, incredibly powerful person on her own, put into an even more powerful position and, when you look at the record of messes that she created and president obama have created around the world, the mayhem, all of that and they were, and they used the clinton foundation
10:06 am
as a gatekeeper to the secretary of state. and emails is not ambiguous. emails, re line, that says, favor. clinton foundation was actings a gatekeeper to the state department. for her not only created all these mess, but literally profited off it to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is staggering, i really don't see how, i mean as big of a story i think the media is making of it, i would think that, anybody else, they would already be drummed off the public stage by now. stuart: imagine if it was a republican. i can't imagine. i can't imagine. charles, thanks very much being on the program, we always appreciate you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. stuart: let's get back to your money which is very much in play. three indexes you see there, they're backing off just a fraction today. joining us now, market watcher,
10:07 am
author of cocktail investing we have with us lenore hawkins. i want to tell our viewers exactly what you do, you manage the wealth and money of rich people in europe and america, is that correct? >> i do my best. stuart: as long as i'm accurate, that is what i'm looking for here. so, what do you make of these all-time highs for american stocks? what would you say to our viewers who are thinking of, they have got some investment money. they're thinking, where are we going to put it, would you recommend putting it into american stocks as high as they are at this point? >> oh, right now, the valuations are insane. completely crazy. but, it is what is going to happen when you have all the central bankers all over the world putting their foot to the metal, throwing money into the stock market, they think that will stimulate the economist. we've been doing this for years. nothing is getting going on main street. it can't get going on main street because main street is overwhelmed by taxes and regulation.
10:08 am
so they don't want to borrow to invest in their own businesses. hell, even the big guys that handle all taxes and regulation, what are they doing with the money, they're using it to buy back their own shares. stuart: i'm trying to read between the lines here is, watch out. >> watch out. it is a game of musical chairs right now. it could go on, who knows how much longer it can go on. but we're starting to see cracks in the veneer. we're seeing fed officials come out and say things, the market doesn't listen anymore. the couple fed officials say we could see rate hike in september. everyone ignored it. when i start seeing people thinking central bankers are not to be paid tangs to, and pathetic we look to the central bankers talking about the stock market, because to hell with valuations it has nothing to do with the business, it is all about the bankers. when i see bankers having no longer having that much credibility you start to wonder when the game of musical chairs will come to an end. stuart: i have more on markets in a moment. want to get back to hillary's
10:09 am
economic plan she unveiled yesterday. filled with taxes a whole lot >> yeah. stuart: if you look at most of the media today there is virtually no mention of it. there is no mention of that plan whatsoever. what do you make of that, lenore? >> well, haven't you seen? that is the way to prosperity. we tax and grow government even more. that way we'll all win. of course the media is not going to do it. she has been their darling. is anyone surprised we have double-standard all the way from the top in the white house where hillary comes out, fbi director basically giving a litany of all the reasons she should be indicted, says, oh, never mind, the press eats it up. stuart: lenore, we have a shot of you, i think you're in san diego, is that correct? >> yes. stuart: behind you a great big whopping luxury yacht, the kind of yacht owned by people whose money you manage. >> yes. stuart: bring it down to us, will you, lenore what is a good investment for a non-super-rich person who has a few bucks to invest right now?
10:10 am
tell us. >> one of the good places to go are those kinds of stocks that are generating dividends. that is a safer place to be, but at same time be very, very careful, pay attention to what is going on because valuations are rich. so we are going to have a pullback, but it could be, could be in six months, could be a year. it is tough to say right now because it is dependent what central bankers do, not on company fundamentals. stuart: real fast, lenore, you could show me a name brand stock, that pays me what, 4% dividend yield and that dividend is safe? you could show me those stocks? >> those dividends, we'll see just how safe they are if we get a serious pullback. if hillary gets in and puts all the taxes in, that is certainly not going to be safe. when the economy slows, where will we get the money to pay back all those dividends? stuart: i will looking for investment to keep my yacht out of dry-dock an saving the oceans. >> who, isn't, right. stuart: ledge nor, thank you
10:11 am
very much for joining us. see you soon. take you to very serious story, not that money is not serious but look at this, in thailand, four people dead, 10 injured after series of bomb blasts. coordinated explosions over couple days, two days, targeting tourists in some of thailand's most popular resort towns. they say it was not terrorism. set off by opponents of ruling military. that is what thai authorities say. a teenage are killed in syria after running off to join isis. they're calling her the jihadi bride. we'll have details. a top u.s. general says isis is in retreat. that the fighters are dwindling. we have the story in a moment too.
10:12 am
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10:14 am
♪ stuart: i know that is led zeppelin, am i right? yeah, see?
10:15 am
old guy knows his stuff. >> lead singer. stuart: let me bring you -- dow is down 12 points. 18,600. i will give you real news, news that i understand. restaurant chain ruby tuesday plans to go 95 of its 700 plus locations. they to the slower customer traffic, declining sales. the stock is down 11%. ruby tuesday. used to eat there all the time. >> robert plant, not palmer. i looked at you, you looked at me. that is not right. stuart: has i still got his voice? >> yes. stuart: all right. donald trump, i said, several times, president obama is the founder of isis and hillary clinton is the cofounder. that is being met with these headlines in the media. start with the "washington post." when trump calls obama the founder of isis, he sounds like a mid-east conspiracy theorist.
10:16 am
vox writes this. trump's obama founded isis comments are outrage just, they're also deeply ignorant. from "the daily beast." donald trump new conspiracy spew. barack obama founded isis. they call it a spew. i asked colonel oliver north about that yesterday. listen to his response. >> if the americans had not pulled out, if obama had kept his word about the syrian civil war, isis would not exist. is that the creator or founder? i will leave it to you. stuart: i will leave it to you. that is ollie north. former cia officer mike baker joins us now. obama founded isis. hillary clinton is is the cofounder. okay? is there any truth to that whatsoever? >> you know what, if you will indulge me just for a moment, i don't know a lot of big words so i have to look this up on the screen with my dickion airy, hyperbole. the definition of hyperbole,
10:17 am
exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. synonyms, overstatement, magnification. this whole campaign on both sides, trump excels in it but both sides are neck deep in hyperbole. yet again, they're parsing words that are not meant to be examined like this. i will say this i think oliver north, i understand his point, but colonel north i think is off the mark a little bit in the sense that of course isis would exist. it would exist in some form, just like islamic jihadism, islamic extremism existed when our barracks were bombed, taking 200 marine lives back in the '80s in beirut. just like they were in the khobar towers bombing. just like with the cole. like for decades now. doesn't matter whether it is isis or al qaeda. this is the problem. we tend to want to call these things, or put these things in individual boxes, in little bite-sized statements we can
10:18 am
understand. stuart: right. >> this is a problem that has been stretching out and will continue to stretch out in front of us for a long time. stuart: yeah, you're right. you're right. there is element of truth there. don't take it at face value. hold on a second, mike. let's turn the tables here. look at the other side of the coin. listen to when hillary clinton called donald trump a recruiter for isis. watch this. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. they are going to people, showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists. [applause] the way donald trump talks about terrorism and his, very insulting language towards muslims is making him the recruiting sergeant for isis. stuart: the recruiting sergeant for isis. you're shaking your head. what do you make of this? >> well i make of it, there is this great movie, i think kids or adults of a certain age will remember "the sand lot."
10:19 am
a great movie about kids playing baseball in a sand lot. there is a scene where kids on opposing teams trade insults for two minutes. it gets worse and worse. that is what this is like. we're all toddlers back at recess in a playground screaming at each other, that is how far we've lowered the bar. stuart: mike, the objective, seems to me of the media is to take the heat off of hillary clinton, ignore the scandals, ignore the non-plan and concentrate entirely on what donald trump has said maybe with his loose lips. that is what is going on in the media here. >> no doubt about that, yeah. does hillary clinton have enablers throughout the media who are looking to do exactly what you said, deflect and distract? that is absolutely true. the bigger issue is at 30,000-foot. while they're throwing hand grenades at each other and making ridiculous accusations.
10:20 am
we have bigger, serious issue of islamic extremism and how do we deal with it. what do we do, how do we destroy finally the caliphate in syria and iraq? how do we deal with their movement into libya. how do we deal with the problems that we're facing in europe that will eventually migrate. stuart: that is called frozen video, folks. >> yes. stuart: mike baker there is in boise, idaho. the signal froze, cut him off in his prime. >> quite dramatic. we got his message, markets coming back a bit. we're down 30, almost 40 points. we're down 23, just shy of 18 six. jetblue, negative headlines. 24 passengers injured in serious turbulence. here is our question. could all the passengers sue? this story will warm your heart on a friday morning.
10:21 am
♪ [ hip hop beat throughout ] [ fans cheering ]
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♪ olympics 2016, let me get you on my level. ♪ ♪ so you never miss a moment, ♪ ♪ miss a minute, miss a medal. ♪ why settle when you can have it all? ♪ ♪ soccer to wrestling. track and field to basketball. ♪ ♪ fencing to cycling. diving to balance beam. ♪ ♪ all you have to say is, ♪ "show me," and boom it's on the screen. ♪ ♪ from the bottom of the mat, ♪ ♪ to the couch where you at? ♪ ♪ "show me the latest medal count?" ♪ ♪ xfinity's where it's at. ♪ welcome to it all. comcast nbcuniversal is proud to bring you coverage of the rio olympic games. [ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold.
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and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. ♪ stuart: are we on? we're on. i wanted to be a beatle. did you know that? >> yes. stuart: 50 years ago today the beatles kicked off their last american tour, 17 shows across the country. there was controversy, around this time john lennon said in an interview the band was more popular than jesus. he later apologized. >> all the beatles records. an outrage. stuart: piled them high. i remember reading about that when i was a kid 50 years ago.
10:25 am
now this, we promised you a good news block and we will deliver. what could be better news than the u.s. winning olympic gold? you're looking at michael phelps, broke a 2,000-year-old record winning his 22nd olympic medal. >> leonidis of rhodes got a laurel wreath. stuart: another incredible athlete, simone biles, watch this, please, winning gold in the all around final this is her first olympics. she did a move there nobody else can do on the horse there. >> wow, unbelievable. stuart: let's move on to simone manuel becoming the first african-american woman to win a gold in an individual swimming event. there she is. that is a gold medal winner right there. >> unbelievable. stuart: don't you love it? that's great. to judo, kala? >> i think kalo.
10:26 am
stuart: kayla harrison winning her second gold medal. wants to retire. >> job done. congratulations. stuart: then, wait for it. 112 years, that appeared on the golf course in the olympics. that appears to be a giant rodent. what is that called? >> cappy bara. they're very social and hang out in groups of 100. you're lucky you only saw one. that is a hazard. stuart: you're know the rules of golf? if the ball hits a capybara do you lose a stroke? >> no you hit it where it lies. stuart: it is the capybara rule. there was a hole-in-one. >> justin rose hit a hole-in-one. stuart: there you have a capybara. probably last time you see that on american television. donald trump pivoting the
10:27 am
campaign back to the economy. that is what he is trying to do. you won't see it in the papers, it is about bashing trump. the media totally ignoring hillary's economic plan announced yesterday. maybe they're embarrassed about it. twitter accused of censoring negative tweets during a q&a session with negative obama. no impact on the stock of course but we do have the story for you. meanwhile less than a month to the new iphone. speculation that the new one, the 7, is going to be missing one big thing you probably use every day, more after this. p?p?
10:28 am
10:29 am
10:30 am
♪ stuart: great balls of fire. that refers to yesterday's record high across the board for stocks. that is not much of a retreat on
10:31 am
the dow. that's it. you're still pretty close to 18 six. don't forget about oil, close to $44 a barrel. that is why the losses in stocks are moderate indeed. 43.80 on oil now. how about this, more than 70 republicans signed an open letter to the rnc chair reince priebus. they're urging him, stop spending money on donald trump. give it to local house and senate races instead. from "the weekly standard," come on in, fred barnes. this is exactly what the republicans, look, my opinion, should not be doing right now. are they trying to, are they trying to help hillary clinton get elected? is that it? >> well, of course. number of them said they will vote for her but look, what they're propose something counterproductive. if you want to help republican, senate, house, candidates, gubernatorial candidates and others, the best way to do that is have donald trump do better. i mean that is the most important thing.
10:32 am
how the presidential candidate does will have a lot more effect on how down ticket republicans do than any amount of money that you might be spending. so, they should hope that donald trump either wins or comes close, because that will have the greatest impact on electing republicans at the lower levels. stuart: but dig into this, fred, for a second. have those republicans concluded donald trump can't win, therefore switch horses go entirely on senate and house races? are they saying look, he is in so much trouble he can't win? >> they may be saying that, we don't know that now. i don't believe that. you know in 1996 when bob dole was running for president, as the republican candidate, with a few weeks to go in the campaign, two, three, weeks, they realized he couldn't beat bill clinton. so the money might have gone to his presidential campaign was put in the house. but we aren't there now. this is the middle of august. we're not in the middle of
10:33 am
october. and trump can win. stuart: i think watched donald trump just the other day, yesterday, of course, when he delivered his, he delivered a speech, he seemed to me to stay very much on message, and he toned it down quite a bit. that would be my opinion. and last night, he appeared on "the o'reilly factor" with eric bolling. he tried to draw him into discussion of hillary clinton's health. he would not go there. he stayed on message about the economy. do you think he can stay on message for the next 86 or7 days. >> he has to do a little better than he did this week. media will jump on any story that makes trump look bad or foolish or they will leap on and ignore the economy. this is the strongest issue trump could possibly have, when you see, the program of hillary clinton, it is one that there will be no growth. stuart: right.
10:34 am
>> it won't help companies overseas who are hurt by the corporate tax rate of 35% that trump would reduce to 15%. stuart: yeah. >> she has no incentives. there is nothing that will grow the economy at all in hillary's plan. stuart: where is that this morning, fred? where is that this morning in the mainstream media? hillary's plan announced yesterday, with great fanfare is nowhere to be found. not even a critique of it. >> i think they suspect it's a bad plan or a nothing plan and so, they're just not going to talk about. look it has been tried before what hillary did, proposes. this is what obama did. this is what was tried in the depression as well. when you have the kind of tax cuts that trump is talking about, we saw them in the '60s with jack kennedy. we saw them in the '80s with ronald reagan. we saw them a little bit in bill clinton's presidency, it always worked. what hillary is proposing now,
10:35 am
infrastructure, so on, higher taxes, has never worked to spur the economy. never. stuart: if it did work, look at japan. they spent trillions, they're going nowhere. fred barnes, always a pleasure. thanks for being with us, sir. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. stuart: now this, a city in michigan is being sued because they rejected the building of a mosque. this is days after a similar incident in new jersey. in new jersey town officials being accused of bigotry. come on in, one of our favorite attorneys. all right, emily, the, muslims are suing saying, you're keeping us out because of bigotry. do they have a case? >> they do, but honestly this case has to be investigated for us to know further. on its face it is impossible to make that decision and here's why. the leaders of the american-islamic community center, filed a federal suit, you rejected the suit based on religious racism.
10:36 am
this is bigotry. city officials say no, it was based on the fact this was a four-story building proposed in a residential area. it is important to remember that 23% of the community in sterling heights are immigrants. many of whom are iraqi-american christians who fled persecution in iraq. so some of those residents sent email to city officials expressing concerns. the city officials, in return, have a chain of emails go back and forth between them and police department talking about the fbi terror watch list and responding to those concerns. now, the proponents of the lawsuit say, well, that is evidence this is based on bigotry. the officials say this is us responding to claims. we'll not know more until this investigation con at thises. stuart: you always do your homework, emily. really good stuff. that enlightens us on a very important story. i want to bring up jetblue. some passengers experienced extreme turbulence. i believe 24 were injured, do they have a case?
10:37 am
first listen to one of the people on the flight describing what happened. roll tape. >> all of a sudden we dropped probably 100 feet in a second. everybody who didn't have the seatbelt on pretty much whacked their head. stuart: emily, i don't know whether they will sue or not but if they did, do they have a case? >> they have a case. what i see happening the airline will settle out. there is assumption of risk printed on all of our tickets saying we're not responsible for death or bodily injury but at same time they like to maintain positive public face but i see this settling out before court. stuart: they could see and it will be settled because it is such an extreme case? >> correct. stuart: i suppose they could say jetblue should have flown around the turbulence and didn't, so it is all your fault. i suppose they could say that and probably will. >> stuart -- stuart: i am flat-out of time. you do all the homework for us. i cut you right off.
10:38 am
i'm sorry about that emily, you're all right. come and see us again. thanks very much. >> thank you. stuart: now this. remember the green diving pool at the olympics polluted with algae, it has been closed. ash, is that right? >> there is tweet from tom daily, a british diver saying, diving pool closed this morning. hopefully means we haven't been diving anything too bad last couple days. another huge embarassment for folks organizing. there is the tweet. basically algae. they're not putting in right mix of chemicals. what happens it encourages growth of algae which turns the pool green. very embarrassing. stuart: they're running out of chemicals. >> yes. stuart: this doesn't spoil it for me. i thought the olympics have been fantastic, absolutely fantastic. performance of the american athletes has been stellar. i've been look at other countries and their performance, loved it. great stuff. >> yeah. always. stuart: these problems with the diving pool, okay, look it is
10:39 am
bad pr. i got it. but don't detract from the brillance of these athletes. i don't think it is. >> just something you don't normally see. stuart: i think it has been very well-received. >> not unsafe. algae isn't that bad for you. [laughter] stuart: this is a financial program. let's get back to your money. how about apple? they will reportedly roll out the new iphone 7 in the early part of next month. there is all kinds of speculation what changes they will make and new features which may or may not be on the phone. come on in, nicole, please, at the floor of the exchange. i know it is speculation but what are the reported changes and new things? go. reporter: are these reported changes and new things to entice people to buy a 7 not wait for the 8? we heard the new iphone 7 could have, thinner, number one.
10:40 am
faster processor, new camera, new, better camera. this is a big one. good-bye headphone jack. you used to have favorite headphones. you have to go wireless bluetooth speaker. touch sensitive home button. a lot of people complaining home button. maybe stroke right over it. this 2017 model might have some polarized all glass and edgy display. so we'll see whether or not people bite into the september 7th launch of this iphone 7 reports say. presale would be very quick. go on the 9th. you would get them on the 16th. squishing it together to get it out. stuart: do we want them, that is very good question. >> i would like to be thinner and faster. that is whole another story. stuart: yes. nicole, thank you very much indeed. now this. top u.s. general says, isis is in retreat.
10:41 am
that its numbers are dwindling. former cia director james woolsey is here to give his take on that. the markets, not much of a retreat from all-time record highs we reached yesterday. the dow is down 25. nasdaq down six. s&p down two. that is not much of a retreat. back in a moment. (announcer vo) you can sit in traffic. or you can crack up. (man on radio) but if it isn't refreshing... (announcer vo) sorry traffic, we laugh 'til it hurts. siriusxm. road happy.
10:42 am
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10:43 am
♪ stuart: remember "varney & company" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. here is what you missed last hour. tammy bruce says the media is covering for hillary. >> whether it was isis comments, his points about really anything else, he could wake up say, good morning, hello, that would be more at top of the news. this is what their plan is. they need to hide her. this is hiding the ball. more attention she gets the worse she does. this is our problem with legacy media and nature of coverage. also what mr. trump has to try to overcome talking about her specifically. so, when they cover him, they are by default covering her. ♪
10:44 am
10:45 am
stuart: it is a go nowhere market. we're very pleased to say that because we're at all near all-time record highs. take a look at disney. they're releasing the trailer for the "star wars" spin-off that will be called "rogue one." it is coming out in early december of this year.
10:46 am
there is the trailer just released. supposed to be a big buildup here. i don't know about that the stock is down at 97 this morning. totally different subject. here we go. a top u.s. general says isis is in retreat. the troop force is down to about 15,000. all of this from lt. general sean mcfarland. here is the direct quote. the enemy is in retreat on all fronts. all i know is when we go someplace it is easier to go there now than it was a year ago and the enemy doesn't put up as much of a fight. former cia director, and ambassador, james woolsey is with us now. what do you make of that comment, sir, is that accurate, isis in retreat? >> well i think it would not have been accurate up until relatively recently but there has been some progress. if you focus on on progress of number of areas where isis is or is not you can make things look pretty good.
10:47 am
i don't know a general willing to take his input a long with number of other people's input. but administration has slow rolled into this, whereas we launched thousands of airstrikes a day when we were denning kosovo against the serbs. here we're launching dozens. we're not putting number of people in that we need in order to win. we're mainly being able to talk like we're winning. that seems to be the administration's objective. stuart: but, director, if you take this report on its face value, that they are in retreat, they have fewer fighters, you could say that president obama's policy is showing signs of success? >> it's possible. there has been so much talk about putting positive spin on things and making sure the narrative it supported and so on, so on, the administration
10:48 am
has to take into account of the fact quite a few of us will look at least initially with rather jaundiced eye that anything that comes from them. now if this sustains, and isis does back down and starts getting out of countries, instead of coming more and more into countries, and, we start to see some destruction of their headquarters and their supply points, things could go well. but the administration's overall philosophy has been to basically talk and not try to win. stuart: can i ask you, if there is anything left? i'm being quite serious. if you look at map of iraq and syria where there has been fighting for years and years and years, intense fighting, intense bombing, i have to ask, is there anything left behind that's worth having almost? i mean is there anything there? >> that's a good question, stuart. i don't know. last time i was over there was
10:49 am
in '04. i haven't been back since so i'm not the best witness but i think, we still have enough presence of isis in a number of different places that if we really went after them, and took the restrictions off, and some of the sillier limits that are in our, restrictions on our aircraft being able to being used against the enemy. stuart: you're a hardcore guy who wants to take the fight to them. is a that is what you want? >> i want to win. i want to win. stuart: yeah. but while winning i would like to see some white flags. i think that would make wonderful public relations for us. >> public, white flags would be good. it would also be good to defeat them clearly and decisively. stuart: column of prisoners marching off into the sunset. love to see that. >> hands on their heads. stuart: yes, wouldn't that be good? >> yes. stuart: james woolsey, former cia director.
10:50 am
thanks for joining us, sir, we share a dream of white flags and prisoners. >> good to be with you, stuart. stuart: yes, sir. new this morning, remember the three school girls who left east london last year to join isis and become jihadi brides? reports that one of them, i think this young lady has been killed? >> that's right. 17-year-old kadisa sultana she is one of three girls that took off for syria, flying out to turkey and disappearing. they were radicalized over internet. they answered the call to be jihadi brides. stuart: that is them leaving? >> that is them leaving. they left from gatwick airport. she quickly realized what was promised was not reality. she had a phone conversation with a family member saying i want to get out of here, i want to come home. but another bride was caught trying to escape and was publicly executed. she was frightened and trapped and believed to have been killed
10:51 am
in russian airstrike. stuart: that should have maximum publicity. that is what we should do. thanks ash. >> sure. stuart: democrats reportedly nervous another dnc dump could be coming. talk of a october surprise before the elections. we're on this one. twitter accused of censoring tweets to the president. more "varney" after this. ♪ ♪
10:52 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ take a look at markets in particular. check the dow 30, but more red than green. dow only down 10, 11 points. as for stocks, nvidia giving a strong outlook. they make microchips for video gapes. that stock hitting a 52-week high. meantime nordstrom leading s&p 500, encouraging sales numbers. investor love it. up more than 8 1/2% for the designer department store. let's take a look at this. right now stuart getting filled in what is coming up at the very top of the hour. here is what we have. you've got stocks at record highs, hitting levels not seen this century. it's a big deal, folks! cheer up. it is friday as well.
10:56 am
that will be a smile as well. look at this, mainstream media analysis, so-called trump scandals in the all headlines. trump bashing in, hillary bashing out. we're calling this is the new donald trump. trump positive individualing campaign back to the economy, staying on message. first rich lowery from the last hour on the clinton foundation. take a listen. >> the mingling of private interests with the public business and the tranche of emails we saw this week in any other campaign environment would be the dominant political story. stuart: right. >> and they're very suggestive that doug brand, representative of the clinton donors basically, having access to hillary clinton's top aides and her aides being extremely responsive to what he wanted. now we didn't see any direct action but they seem very interested in helping. stuart: there is a lot more emails still to come? >> this is why hillary, this is true all along, she is hostage to fortune, what is in the deleted e-mails and who has
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: we are a financial program and love to celebrate american excellence. start with michael phelps. at 31 he beats the world in an individual medley, has 22 coals in these olympics. simon files in front is the number one overall gymnast. the maneuver you just saw i don't think anyone else, a special maneuver. look at simon manwell's old, the first american woman to win an individual swimming event, the us tops the metal count by a mile, my favorite, track and
11:01 am
field, begins today. american excellence on wall street. who can match the performance of our high-tech champions, amazon, google, facebook, taking these markets to all-time highs. the dismal economy, the collapse of foreign policy and onward march of terror, forget it all, let's get on with the all-american addition of "varney and company" which begins right now. ♪ stuart: politics and the olympics in a moment but first your money. look at that. oil at $44 a barrel up another 1%. that is why the pool back in stocks is so moderate. the dow is down 9 points, very small losses on the s&p and the
11:02 am
nasdaq. oil up, meaning stocks are staying close to their all-time record highs. look at ali baba, 52-week high, $95 a share, up another 3%. to the big board, 18,603, staying close to record highs, the price of oil is up again. did i see sports alert? i can't get enough of this. isn't it great? simon biles taking home, the first straight time an american woman has won the individual all-around. michael phelps got his fourth gold of these olympics, the first swimmer to ever win the same event four times in a row.
11:03 am
gymnast riceman won silver over the russian favorite she lost to at the london olympics. i can't remember a team of athletes like the americans this time around. ashley: it is one thing to be a favorite, an enormous amount of pressure on you, failed in london and expected to do better this time around, they come through in the clutch. michael phelps retires, comes back 30, 31 and got a ridiculous amount of metals, 24, every night i look forward to the track and field. first time they ever won a metal and the entire island, all the banks are closed, all the shops are closed, the first ever metal, they beat great britain, that is a great story.
11:04 am
stuart: just matched a cutlass, simon biles, nobody else can do that. that is a special maneuver on the floor exit. can we run it again? that is a gold medal performance. i get shivers. i really do. can you do that? we got to move away, limited time, it is a 3-hour show. politics. hillary clinton detailing her economic plan. calls for a minimum wage hike to at least $12 an hour. come on in andy poznan who runs fast food chain carles junior. suppose hillary clinton's plan was imposed upon us, she gets her way. what would happen to your
11:05 am
business? >> hate to dampen the positivity you just went through but the reality is employers will hire fewer low-wage low skilled employees. they will not grow as much because businesses that depend on low skilled labor generally only grow when the numbers work and they don't work at $12 an hour and lastly they will be -- automation which will hurt low skilled workers. there was a report by the san francisco fed, not a bastian of conservative economic thought that says these minimum wage increases hurt low skilled workers, the people they are supposed to help but her entire economic plan is more taxes which will discourage investments, increasing cost of employing people which will discourage hiring. a no growth tax and spend. stuart: the one thing america needs more than anything else at this moment in time is growth,
11:06 am
economic growth, robust economic growth. donald trump's plan gets there. do you think hillary clinton's plan give the city growth at all? >> it will not create careers are good paying jobs or payoffs to the middle-class will reduce income any quality where everybody gets more, it will only reduce income inequality to the effect everybody gets less. maybe a closer amount. it is the wrong plan, the wrong approach, tax and spend economic plan does not result in growth. it is not fair. stuart: it is not you queue >> know it is not. the point of a tax plan is to raise revenue to run the government, not to punish people and reward other people. this is a plan that divides us, leads to know economic growth, will take the future of our
11:07 am
children and families and hold us back as we have been held back the last 7 years, we can't afford four more years of this obama approach to economic growth which results, the last three quarters we averaged under 1% for we can't do this much longer. stuart: i want you to bring with you the new carl junior ads which set an extraordinary record of sexuality in previous editions. are you okay with that? you are all right, thanks, see you soon. the media research center compared coverage of two recent controversies, first involve the orlando terrorist father sitting right behind hillary clinton at a rally in florida. the second was donald trump's off-the-cuff comment about the second amendment and hillary clinton. look at the contrasting headlines from the new york times, donald trump suggests
11:08 am
second amendment people could act against hillary clinton. this headline appearing on the online edition clinton campaign plays down appearance at rally by orlando gunmen's father. media research center's brent bozell. you did the study, tell us about the controversies. >> but the controversies and perspective first. donald trump who did not say hillary clinton needs to be assassinated and the situation where you have the father of the assassin, the terrorists in florida who is himself a supporter of terrorism, a supporter of the taliban and, vocally anti-american sitting right behind hillary clinton invited by the dnc. the coverage on the networks, 7-numb one disparity trump over
11:09 am
hillary but the interesting thing, 1287 words, a big story on the front page. and accompanying story continuing the same theme. how many front-page stories on hillary clinton, not one. how many in the new york times, not one. in the washington post, 1400 word front-page story against trump. how many about hillary clinton? not one anywhere. both newspapers savage editorial too. i think -- stuart: this has reached a new level. you have been doing this for years, that is what your organization does, looked at the media and how they cover various stories. have you ever seen a media so biased against one candidate ever before in a presidential election? >> know. it is not so much they are biased against trump. it happened when he won the nomination. before then there was been amusement. now they are going after him,
11:10 am
even more, it is the circling the wagons around hillary clinton where they simply will not report, cnn broke two big stories yesterday on hillary clinton. one did not get a second of media coverage, the other got 62 seconds, they are covering up for hillary clinton. stuart: you cover it and we appreciate it, thank you very much, see you soon. severe turbulence on a jetblue flight boston to sacrament of the 22 passengers and two crewmembers in the hospital. it went to south dakota. big deal, that hurt a lot of people, stock is not reacting, $17 per share. donald trump doubling down saying president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. doesn't matter what he says, the media will attack. more varney in a moment. >> it is not intentional, mister
11:11 am
trump could sneeze and there would be headlines for weeks about how trump attacks the environment and they would bring on a bipartisan epa effort to say he is trying to kill the world. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride. bye bye, errands, we sing out loud here. siriusxm. road happy. if you then you'll know howuth, uncomfortable it can be. but did you know that the lack of saliva can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath? well, there is biotene, specially formulated with moisturizers and lubricants... biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too.
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>> he founded isis. i would say the cofounder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> and president obama and isis. look at the mainstream media responded, headline washington post where trump calls obama the founder of isis he sounds like a middle east conspiracy theorist. trump's obama founded isis comment exemplifies why his campaign is on the brink of doom, that is washington post, defeating jihad, with us friday
11:15 am
morning. is there any element of truth behind donald trump's statement. >> wouldn't the washington post love his campaign to be on the brink of doom? wishful thinking there, if you are talking about facilitating the rise of the most powerful jihadi insurgency, if that is what mister trump meant he nailed it when the senator from illinois became the president of america there was no such thing as isis, there was a regional franchise of al qaeda in iraq, limited solely to iraq. after he became president, appointed hillary clinton as his secretary of state, pooled our troops out of iraq, had disastrous policies in syria and libya this franchise became a
11:16 am
multi-nation regional insurgency, capturing territory in iraq and syria and libya, a franchise in nigeria, to the point it has recruited 18,000 jihadi's and 6 million human beings, with president obama's watch. stuart: one of the jihadi brides from london went to fight for or with isis has been killed. i would like to see that get maximum publicity. it will be a warning. don't do this. you are in real trouble. why am i not seeing more about this? why are we in the west not exploiting this kind of propaganda, it is the truth. that young lady on the screen right now is dead. >> we don't have leadership. and most countries we have
11:17 am
socialist or labor type government and those governments have a narrative. the reality is optional. it is about multiculturalism, open borders, it is always a problem. noam chomsky provides the talking point to people like corbin and people who run the administration. it won't he exploited because it is the truth and they don't want to recognize we are in a war to the death with the jihadi's. stuart: you are author of the book defeating jihad. a couple more items you may want to comment on. to ashley, the french government begging citizens -- ashley: there are 147 across france, and urging citizens to literally open your homes to house refugees. stuart: a report from malan, northern italy, the city is
11:18 am
invaded by, overrun by these migrants. ashley: they are heading north, given up on germany and sweden because the borders are harder to get through, making italy their destination and milan in the north is overrun according to local media, including lake como. george clooney can open up. stuart: come back in, seems there is a new phase in the migrants crisis just exploding. >> we have leaders who are not being leaders, nibbling at the edge of the problem. the administration started bombing runs again in libya. the left doesn't talk about it. we are not dealing with the problem, we are doing tactical measures, and it has metastasized further and further. one metric for the viewers, today in the world there are more refugees than there have ever been in history, 65 million
11:19 am
because of lack of leadership from western powers. stuart: thank you very much. where is the market? and hitting record highs, we are coming back a fraction down 18 points, close to 18-6 for the dow industrials, look at volkswagen, quote, millions of their cars can be unlocked through a hack. no real impact on stock, it is down 1%, more details on that hack a little later. twitter, former chief under fire for reports that he was censoring tweets to the president. we will tell you what he was hiding. in honor of the beatles kicking on their last ever american tour 50 years ago today, we will play you all you need is love. the music of my teenage years. ♪
11:20 am
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♪ endless hours of the best tvs ♪ ♪ brand new apps, shows to go, ♪ ♪ awesome internet that's super whoa... ♪ ♪ everything is awesome xfinity. the future of awesome. hey how's it going, hotcakes? hotcakes. this place has hotcakes. so why aren't they selling like hotcakes? with comcast business internet and wifi pro, they could be. just add a customized message to your wifi pro splash page and you'll reach your customers where their eyes are already - on their devices. order up. it's more than just wifi, it can help grow your business. you don't see that every day. introducing wifi pro, wifi that helps grow your business. comcast business. built for business. stuart: the former top gaia twitter facing controversy. he ordered employees to filter
11:24 am
abusive and hate filled responses to president obama during the q and a session. i don't see anything wrong with stopping abusive material going to the president. ashley: respect should be in place for the office but twitter, this was in may 2015, a town hall type thing twitter sponsored and he created an algorithm, took out certain words he considered abusive and hateful all about free speech, what is your version of hateful? and abusive and also don't forget twitter put out a blog post saying the tweets must flow saying no matter how disdainful we may find tweets they should have the bill to be put out as a matter free-speech. using the word against
11:25 am
themselves. when it comes to the president it serves no purpose to have someone put in a vial, whatever it may be, abusive language, serve no purpose. stuart: i am with these guys on this particular occasion. the market is not down that much, all-time record highs across the board and pulling back 14 points. donald trump pivots in his campaign were trying to, back to the economy and trying to stay on message. if it continues this way, can he win? look at this for a minute. >> here is a chart. you don't need very good eyesight to see what is going on. here is obama. here is the end. he is not finished yet.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: establishment democrats very nervous there could be more document dumps coming. listen to what a be stoddard
11:30 am
said, the state department, clinton foundation, pay to play, corruption. >> any democrat who doesn't believe there is a possibility of a big document dump of emails indicating this access was provided. maybe favors and policy prescriptions were not provided but any pattern of access or answering people's questions could enter -- and her candidacy and if they don't think that could happen they have their head in the sand. stuart: end her candidacy, really strong stuff. a democrat and democratic strategists, i am a little shocked at that. >> i'm not shocked. it is the worst case scenario that it is true, if the worst case scenario is true but we are talking hypotheticals. stuart: a lot of it is very
11:31 am
detailed and goes over the head of most voters. it seems, having direct connections with hillary clinton at the state department, you get favors in return to the state department. >> it could be a quid pro quo which is legal in politics. of the allegation is true. you are saying you have to establish a legal definition of what transpired in law enforcement has to look at this and say a prime was committed, 90 days before the election there is no time for that to happen. stuart: politically she could suffer mightily if there was a direct i pay you the money and get this and return. >> i would have to say no
11:32 am
politician worth their salt would be dumb enough to put that in writing so i don't think you will see an email saying i will give you a bribe ended exchange you will give me -- to x for me, no one is that stupid. i don't think hillary clinton or anybody around here. stuart: it is that serious. democrats are worried about it. >> democrats and anybody running for office until 8:00 when polls close should be worried because they don't take anything for granted but we are making massive assumptions based on allegations and nothing else. stuart: the media is not covering it in my opinion. i have 2 -- the new york times admits media bias against donald trump. from the article, quote, is journalism's job to be true to the readers and viewers and true to the fact in a way that will
11:33 am
stand up to history's judgment, to do anything less would be untenable. it has not lived up to that standard. >> don't know if the times admit that or jim ruttenberg with a columnist for the times. only when it was jim rutenberg. if you look across the vast spectrum of the media, intensely hostile to donald trump and not covering the scandals on the clinton side the way they are penetrating and going after donald trump. >> the new york times is not paying me to defend them but i will anyway. they are the ones that broke the story on the clinton email. they broke the most recent story they are focusing on right now. the new york times has been very hard on her. the problem for donald trump is he keeps stepping on these stories. he creates huge controversies. friday in august, love is in the air.
11:34 am
stuart: yesterday to great fanfare hillary clinton reveals her economic plan, totally forgotten this morning. look at the times, clinton rejects trump policies as aiding the rich, nothing to do with the clinton plan, it is how bad donald trump is. on business page, $0, how much does donald trump pay in taxes? it could be 0. >> very interesting. stuart: this is the clinton plan. it was out yesterday afternoon. where the analysis? >> on the editorial page you will find that as well. stuart: that is not a critique of the plan. that is going after donald trump. >> that is what she did. her plan spend as much time going after him. stuart: to wrap it up to you think there is a tad of bias against donald trump in the establishment media? >> donald trump has created
11:35 am
problems for himself. if i were managing a candidate like donald trump who was giving gift after gift to hillary clinton which is exactly what he has been giving, email stories or clinton foundation story, i wouldn't be complaining about anything else. i would be going after her. stuart: i hate to say. >> i knew this would come. it has been years and years. i knew if i waited any longer that they would come. >> thanks, have a great weekend. when i will stay on donald trump. he attended several rallies, gave several rallies yesterday in florida pushing his economic plan and we ran him on this program and he stayed very much on message. >> here is a chart most of you can see. you don't need good eyesight to see what is going on. here is obama.
11:36 am
here is the end. [laughter and applause] >> not finished yet. >> we are going to create jobs, lowering taxes, businesses instead of leaving the country and going to mexico and every other place you can imagine will stay in the united states. stuart: the gentleman on the right side of your screen is a florida delegate for jeb bush, for governor, cochair. you were asked the two of these rallies in florida, if you were there can you confirm what i think was not a new trump tone but a milder tone, stayed within the boundaries of his message. >> he did. he needs to focus on the economy, keeping us safe and on hillary. he did those things. stuart: on the o'reilly factor, my colleague eric bowling tried
11:37 am
to draw donald trump into a discussion of hillary clinton's possible health problems. he would not be drawn. i am not going there, he said. in other words maybe he is tired of putting his foot in his mouth and wants to stay on message and when. do you think finally the time has arrived that he can be disciplined? >> in florida you see the post convention bump hillary clinton had last week is gone. the latest polls show them virtually even. people are ready and receptive for his economic plan which is lower taxes, lower business regulation, bring back that money, offshore, create jobs. it is a really good message and stick with it. stuart: at the same time, 70 establishment republicans signed this letter, goes to rinds priebus, telling him don't put
11:38 am
more money into trump's poppers, concentrate on house and senate races. he is lost, let's when the house and senate. are you in that camp? >> absolutely not. this race is a long way to november and donald trump is a movement candidate. we had one day notice for a trump rally and they put 14,000 people in the hockey arena in west broward the other night with one day notice. that is not being covered but there is a groundswell and people better understand what that is because i am not so sure the pundits and understand and. stuart: did he play the crowd? we showed one of his rallies live on the show yesterday at this time. he appeared to relate to the crowd really well, made them laugh, did he do that at the other rally in florida? >> i have been to many political rallies, this was the most
11:39 am
entertaining rally, for good solid hour he had the audience in the palm of his hand and the audience understands what is at stake and they understand donald trump is facing somebody in hillary clinton that lies when the truth will do. people understand that. stuart: sorry i am cutting you short. i have a lot of news to pack in today but appreciate you being with us. i have a new foxhole. more problems for donald trump. he is really struggling with latino voters. it is nationwide. ashley: this poll highlights that. let's take a look at it. hillary clinton in front with 59% of the latino votes in this particular poll, trump at 17, just 1% of gary johnson. even more disturbing for the
11:40 am
trump campaign, their opinion of donald trump, that opinion asked, 82% of the opinion of the latino voters surveyed had an unfavorable view. stuart: that is up 6 r 7 points. ashley: those are numbers that are hard to call back before the election. we went back to your money, 27 points down for the dow jones industrial average not much of a pullback because we are at record highs yesterday. remember the green diving pool at the olympics? it appeared over night, polluted with audi. that pool is now closed. an update on that coming up. remember the group of 70 republicans, no more money for trump, send it to the local elections? how is that for getting hillary elected? we will be back.
11:41 am
11:42 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, stocks next to the downside to the dow is down 30, the s&p down 2. yesterday the closing bell, the dow, nasdaq and s&p, record closing highs. we have nothing a triple record like that since december 1999. looking at the markets, utilities and energy leading the way, dow winners this week include disney, procter & gamble
11:43 am
and nike, disney was better than expected earnings, movies like dori, s&p winners include charter and yahoo which had a 52-week high. jcpenney lost in half, cutting costs, that is the winner up 3.3% at this moment. keep it here on foxbusiness. more varney coming up after the break. aight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy.
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stuart: volkswagen stock, there is a story about them. millions of cars can be unlocked through a hack. ashley: it is quite easy, all you need is hardware that can cost 85. you are intercepting the signal from the key fob that opens the car. you can capture that signal and reproduce it. the signal the volkswagen uses pretty much up to 100 million vehicles with different styles. in other words once you capture that you get into a volkswagen car. stuart: more than 70 top gop establishment people signing a letter to rinds priebus telling him stop spending money for
11:46 am
donald trump, and house and senate races they can win. and rollins is answering the phone. >> one of those establishment people. i apologize profusely. stuart: a classic way to lose an election. your own party so don't give the candidates any money. what is going on? >> trump has raised a substantial sum of money, he has no campaign, he needs what they have but they don't think he has run a good campaign and i worry -- they have given up on him. stuart: he put his foot in his mouth so many times. >> the worst three weeks i have seen in 50 years in politics, he gave an economic speech, wasn't a bad speech, never talked about --
11:47 am
stuart: he did yesterday at his rally in florida and did last night on the o'reilly factor, state on message. >> that should have been the whole week. instead he is talking about guns and isis and the rest of it. stuart: you can't control him. >>'s knowledge of the campaign is what he did of the primary. that primary is done. a whole different game today. the other side has a great campaign organization, great structure, trump would be a real leader, he needs to go after her and find a message and is not doing it. stuart: he is not listening deliberately because he likes being entertaining, likes drawing from the crowd, playing the crowd and i think he likes making headlines. >> i think he is having an interesting time. he is not a rock star, not a
11:48 am
comedian. joining a crowd of 15,000 people, to be a rock star but at the end is a as a potential candidate he needs to drive a message but it is getting late. stuart: you say it is not too late but you got to say that. you are raising money for him. >> not as much as i would like. he has two more weeks and if he doesn't get this in play by labor day the numbers change after that. stuart: he has lots of stuff to go at. the clinton foundation. >> was pay for play all the way through. if you got into that you would find all kinds of stuff the american public would be up all. this is the history of the clintons, they sold to donors in the lincoln bedroom, ride on air force one, everything for sale, the standard of organ saw, that is the way they did things, she will do the same thing. stuart: why doesn't he go after the clinton foundation?
11:49 am
>> a simple message to me. i would take the two prosecutors that support me, rudy giuliani and chris christie and say put together the case to prosecute the clinton foundation and give me the talking points and i will spend the next few months doing that. ashley: they have 3 debate, can he make up a lot of ground? >> he can make up some ground. to underestimate her in a debate is foolish. he basically won the republican debates because there were 16 people on stage with him and he was centerpiece. she has the substance, he has to have more substance, they move a little here and there and go back and forth, doesn't get them out. stuart: you got to be very careful in a presidential debate insulting your opponent who may become the president of the
11:50 am
united states. >> you can't beat up on a woman. his biggest problem is 23% gap among women voters gaining 10 points to her favor since the convention. hard to make it up. stuart: 10 points extra for hillary among women. >> 23 point differential, 53% of the electorate is women, not enough white guys hiding in the bushes that everything will come out. all the coal miners you ones, that woman gap is serious. stuart: you have given us food for thought. are you appearing on fox throughout the weekend? >> i never give the same message. there will be 5 more things to talk about. stuart: you are all right, look at the market, we are coming down a little bit, not a huge seller by any means, down 55. a majority of the dow 30 stocks
11:51 am
are in the red. tonight a new episode of wall street week at 8:00 eastern time tonight, anthony scaramucci and maria bartiroma interview bill miller. back in a moment. >> the best investment decision was to buy amazon and the ipo in the worst was to sell it when it became public in a $400 million market. you both have a
11:52 am
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stuart: the olympics diving pool is closed because it turned green. ashley: it has too much algae in it. a swimming police maintenance 101. you need to chlorinate it and test the ph nevels and make sure it is in balance. the algae starts to grow, that is what happens. no safety issues, just doesn't look good and they are trying to clear it up. stuart: we are getting news, you have more details, track and field has begun, 10,000 m, the women's race won by and ethiopian who won by 13 seconds. ashley: the entire field at the
11:56 am
olympics, and blue away the world record by 15 seconds. stuart: the world record was set in 1993, a chinese runner suspected in news circles of using juice. one more i want to show the video of the special -- not a special effect. nobody else in the world can do that. miss biles. ashley: i can't imagine. stuart: nobody else can do that. let's go on to michael phelps who won the individual medley by two seconds, he is 31 years old, there he is. i can't -- the 22nd gold medal and he is number one, four times
11:57 am
in a row he won that particular event. let me show you simon manwell from america, winning an individual swimming event. you won. got to have time for this. that is a large rodent that appeared on the golf course during the olympics, there it is. ashley: you don't see that everyday on the golf course. stuart: more varney after this.
11:58 am
. . . .
11:59 am
stuart: ladies and gentlemen ladies and gentlemen, dreamily important announcement for you. tomorrow marks beginning of premier league soccer, directly from england. trouble is, ashley will be on nbc. which runs the olympic. >> what is the problem? stuart: will you watch uzbekistan and fiji at table tennis or watch manu? >> i will take manu. thank you very much.
12:00 pm
stuart: nobody knows what we're talking about. what is that? the odd couple? ash and i. we'll be watching manu. spurs are playing tomorrow. >> they're playing at everton. stuart: we're out of time, regrettably. connell mcshane taking it away. >> comments. unfortunately being told we have breaking news. i would love to go to the odd couple. i'm connell mcshane in for neil. here is the breaking news. we're receiving information from hillary clinton and from her running mate tim kaine on their tax returns. this is just being released. blake burman in d.c. what are we finding out, blake? reporter: connell, we're going through the numbers. we expected this to be coming from the clintons and hillary clinton indeed released her tax return from the past year, 2015 and it shows that she has paid an effective rate in the last year of 43.2%.


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